Greg & Shannon | Lace On Timber


How did you meet?

We actually met online(tinder)

After deciding on a neutral place to meet up, I got caught up in traffic and Greg thought I stood him up. Eventually reaching the restaurant, I walked right was Greg as he was looking down, busy on his phone. To my surprise he was the only guy sitting alone. I stepped back tapped him on the shoulder, “Greg?” This beast of a man wrapped his arms around me and said, “Hello Shannon!” LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT... as hard as that may be for some to grasp, that was us. Our connection was instant. From that moment we were destined to be together.


The Engagement: 

We were doing the long distance thing(Johannesburg - Nelspruit) and it was out 6th monthaversary. Greg planned to arrive in Nelspruit and surprise me. I couldn’t believe he drove all that way to share the evening with me. For that evening, Greg had pre-arranged everything earlier that day. We had a private dinner in an under ground cellar, filled with roses and rose petals as well as candles, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Once I’d taken all of this in and sat at the table filled with delicious delights, My beloved, the man God imprinted in my heart was on one knee.


The Wedding:

The theme was a combination of traditional and natural with some sparkle.Starting the day off with my all my girls was amazing. We were all relaxed, getting ready and pampered. My dad seeing me in my wedding dress was a very emotional moment, we share a very special bond and have been through so much together. Having him walk me down the aisle to the man of my dreams was exactly how I had envisioned it. Seeing Greg and not being able to wipe the smiles off our faces, knowing that this is the moment for which God has created us was spectacular. Being able to celebrate our unity with all who attended(worldwide) made our day that much more special and memorable.


Advise for future brides:

The best advice I can give is, not to allow anybody else to make decisions for you. Make sure you go with your gut, and don’t stress about small things. It is your wedding day, do what makes you happy. 

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