Floors & Chazel | Merops

How did you meet?

We met at my cousin's birthday party. We actually met by accident, as neither one of us would have gone to the party. Floors saw me standing alone while he was talking to my cousin, and asked him on purpose very loudly who I was - so I heard him and went closer. We were then introduced and spent the rest of the night together. Since that night we did not stop talking to each other and knew very early on that we were meant for each other. We had a long distance relationship for a year and 4 months.

The Engagement:

I just returned from a 2 week overseas trip. Before I went I asked him if we can go to one of our favorite places and have picnic, but never ended up going. I returned on the Saturday and he said we must go have that picnic we never had the following day. So we had a very romantic picnic and next moment he had the ring in his hand and asked me to marry him. 

Describe your wedding day:

Our wedding day was perfect and definitely the happiest day of our lives.. From the moment we saw each other we could not lay our eyes off each other and there was love and happiness all around. We had the perfect weather and it was really special sharing this day with our family and friends.

Advise for future brides:

On the wedding day, forget about all the stress and planning and just enjoy and take it all in because the day really goes by so quickly.